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[ New Patients : First Visit = < 1 > + < 2 > + < 3 > ]  

< 1 >  Consultation with Tongue and Pulse Diagnosis 
 < 2 >  Thermography ( Pain, Inflammation) Scans / Analysis / Diagnosis 
 You will see the roots of your problems in a few seconds 
< 3 >  Dr. Kim's Acupuncture Treatment, . . . . . . .

Dr.Kim will listen to  you and provide best answers to your health questions.
Some conditions can be fixed without surgery or drugs.

Dr.Kim is here to help you.

- Address the cause, not just the symptoms -

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Dr.Kim's Acupuncture / Acupressure Techniques

 Grandfather's Acupuncture Techniques
Korean Acupuncture Techniques 
 Chinese Acupuncture Techniques
Japanese Acupuncture Techniques
 Advanced Systematic Dry Needling Techniques 
 5 needles techniques + acupressure for Children
 Microneedling + Radio Frequency (Heat Energy)

Dr.Kim's Herbal formulas

Over 400 Single Herbs, Over 400 Herbal Formulas

Dr. Kim's Cupping Techniques

Traditional / Modern / Wet Cupping 

Dr.Kim's Tui-Na Techniques

Tui Na = Asian Massage + Asian Chiropractic Techniques

Dr.Kim's Moxibustion Techniques

Tradition / Modern / New proteins Techniques

Dr. Kim's Thermography Analysis / Diagnosis

Promoting Self-Healing

" There is nothing to compare with your health. "
25222 Grogan's Mill Road, The Woodlands, Texas 77380

Dr.Kim provides Natural Care to patients from birth to any age.
Dr.Kim's techniques take the whole-health approach 
at treating the source of illness, rather than just treating symptoms. 
Dr. Kim's primary focus is to give patients the best service possible. 

Thermography is a non-invasive, safe, diagnostic tool that takes pictures and analyzes changes in the skin’s surface temperature without the use of radiation. While X-rays, ultrasound, and mammography show us the structure of the body, they will miss such things as active inflammation and increased blood supply as found in many illnesses. Thermography is a unique technology that takes a picture and creates a map of the infrared patterns of the body. It is different from other screening tools because it helps you to see how your body functions.

If you or a loved one is struggling with chronic pain, depression, anxiety, infertility, chronic illness, or pain with cancer, contact Dr. Kim immediately for a treatment.

Acupuncture is a comprehensive system of healthcare based on classical theories of energetic physiology. Its main objective is to reintroduce harmony into a person who is physically and mentally ill. This is accomplished by inserting hair-thin needles into points on the body along the energy pathways. The needle placement reestablishes balance by resetting and redirecting the flow of energy.
History of Acupuncture : 10,000 years