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I have been seeing Dr. Kim for just over five months for treatment of Crohn's disease. I have found Dr. Kim to be one of the most caring and compassionate doctors I have ever visited. He takes time to listen to my concerns and health problems, but seems to intuitively know what will help. My symptoms have been greatly alleviated since I began my treatment. It's almost unbelievable. I just feel so much better after seeing Dr. Kim, and notice a difference when I have to miss an appointment because of work or child-care issues. I would highly recommend Dr. Kim to anyone, and particularly to Crohn's patients. What a difference! 
[Jennifer Altizer, Attorney] 

I have been allergic to shellfish almost all of my life, In the beginning, I was able to control it by taking an antihistamine for the rash I would get from eating it. Then as I got older the symptoms got worse. After 3 trips to the emergency room and my doctor advising me that it was going to only get worse, I decided I had better either quit eating seafood or find a cure for my allergy. I didn't know what Acupuncture really was except it involved needles being inserted in various places in your body. A friend recommended Dr. Kim to me and I decided to give him a try because I was determined I was not going to give up seafood! After only three treatments with him, I was eating shrimp, crawfish and oysters. This is a miracle to me and I am so glad I found Dr. Kim. I only go for a treatment now every couple of months. I was afraid of the needles at first, but it is about like a mosquito bite and just a little more sting in places like the hands and feet that don't have a lot of fat. Dr. Kim treats a long list of illnesses which you can read about on his website. I would absolutely recommend him.[ Barbara Peter., Conre]

I appreciate Dr. Kim's holistic approach and I am confident in his ability to remedy any imbalance -- physical and emotional. Along with his treatments, he offers excellent advice for fitness and nutrition. I feel revived after each visit with Dr. Kim. I have seen Dr. Kim on a regular basis for almost two years, for general wellness and for some very specific conditions. Most significantly, seventeen months ago, I had an ectopic pregnancy; I lost the pregnancy and one of my fallopian tubes. My OB expected my menstrual period would resume within two months but it did not. After two months I made an appointment with my OB and was prescribed progesterone to kick start my period and birth control to regulate it. I was reluctant to get on a regimen of medication for my body to do what I believe it was designed to do and concerned about any potential side effects of such medication. I consulted with Dr. Kim the same day and after one treatment my period started three days later.
[Catherine K, Huntsville]

Dr. Kim is awesome. My husband and I have both been receiving acupuncture treatments and feel wonderful! Dr. Kim is caring, deeply knowledgeable, very intuitive and professional in his approach in healing the whole body. Before he treats you, you will complete many pages of health history to determine why you are there and what you want to achieve. He carefully listens and takes time in understanding the reason for your visit and develops the plan to fix the problem. Before each visit, you fill out a health questionnaire to determine how you are that day. He is very thorough! Dr. Kim takes your pulse and looks at the tongue and eyes ... he is interesting and very amazing. He answers your questions and explains how things work. Sometimes, the procedure produces a small amount of pain but, as a person that is normally fearful of needles..... this is NOT an issue, most visits are painless. We both look forward to seeing Dr. Kim! Our visits are uplifting and full of excellent advice for diet & exercise. He recommended an exercise for my lower back which has been amazing for core-strengthening. He suggested modifications to our "American" diet and both of us have lost weight and feel fabulous! My husband and I have had tremendous results and consider Dr. Kim not only our go to family "doctor" but also a trusted friend... We will see him regularly forever! Don't hesitate seeing Dr. Kim, our experiences has been life changing!
[Wendy Reed, Beekeeper, Montgomery]

I went to see Dr. Kim after being on numerous pain and anxiety prescriptions due to my surgery to remove a neurocytoma brain tumor in 2007. I would have a constant pain in my head and the conventional doctor's solution was always to prescribe more medicine and offer more radiation to kill the remaining tumor. In June 2012 I decided a change had to be made and went to see Dr. Kim, with the goal of getting help in reducing the pain in my head. Dr. Kim helped me control my pain that slowly I was able to get completely off the prescription pain medications. Dr. Kim is a very caring Doctor and genuinely cares for the patients. During the period of getting off the medications. Dr. Kim was always there to answer question and comfort me and most of all offer hope.
[ Imran Pishori RN, Sring, Texas ]

" I was having severe pain. Thanks to acupuncture, I am off pain medications. Thank you so much."
[Vaidyanath Iyer MD, DrPH, Greater Houston Psychiatric Associates, PLLC.]

" Dr. Kim is amazing. I went thru 6 months of chemotherapy for stage 4b ovarian cancer and I swear I am alive because of him. Initially my doctors had to give me Neupogen shots to keep my immune system strong. Neupogen is not without side effects and makes your bones hurt to the point of misery. Once I started going to Dr. Kim for acupuncture I did not need neupogen until my very last treatment. He was actually able to control the amount of white blood cells my body produced by the location he placed his needles. He also treated me for anxiety and sleep trouble during chemotherapy. Not only is he great at his profession he is a kind and caring man."
[Stephanie Johnson Parke DDS, Parke Dentistry, The Woodlands] 

Facebook : June 4 at 1:47pm, Houston, TX, 2015
Praise God my blood work is normal. My cancer marker test went down from 4 months ago. This was the most anxious, fearful, longest bout of insomnia I have experienced surrounding an appointment in 18 months. Recently I've gotten calls, text and email from 7 people who have all become dear friends, who were all diagnosed and went thru chemotherapy around the same time I did. In all 7 their ovarian cancer is back and they are starting round 2 of chemotherapy. Pray for a cure! This nasty disease is relentless.
[Stephanie Johnson Parke DDS, Parke Dentistry, The Woodlands]

" My neck pain from long hours of doing surgery is gone. 
 Thank you, Dr. Kim."
[Junuk Kim MD, Premier General & Colorectal Surgery, PA] 

" Appreciation and thanks go to Dr. Kim for successful treatments(Pain relief, Anxiety, Depression,Skin problems, Infertility, Sinus problems, Allergies, Weight loss, Lyme disease, Autoimmune disease,  Hypertension, Diabetes, Addiction disorders, Insomnia, etc). Thank you Dr. Kim again for helping my daughters. They have not had any pain at all since your treatments. Dr.Kim has so blessed hands." 
[Richard Hough MD] 

" We appreciate your treatment for our weight loss.Dr. Kim's Liver Detox Formula is really great. We have no more back pain because Dr. Kim did. And no more anxiety and depression." 
[Peter Maggio MD, Susan Maggio Ph.D.] 

 " I am most appreciative of everything Dr. Kim did. I don't know whether this is a compliment or not, but Dr. Kim did things just the way I would have !  l have no more neck pain and back pain any more. And no more depression. Thank you my friend. " 
[Milton Nirken MD, Retired Pediatrician, Texas Children's Hospital]  

" Please accept the token of my appreciation for helping my mother. She has a wonderful life without pain. Thank you so much again. Thank you Dr. Kim for Safe Spinal Care."
[Daniel King, Chiropractor, ND, Ph.D]   

" I would like to express my appreciation for the knowledgeable and sympathetic care Dr. Kim gave me during my hospitalization for my severe diabetic symptoms." 
[Zhang Liu OMD, Ph.D., Acupuncturist, Herbalist, Beijing]  

" The NAKAMA(National Alliance of Korean Asian Medicine & Acupuncture of U.S.A.) and AKMAC(Association of Korean Asian Medicine & Acupuncture of California) would like to add their thanks and appreciation to the infertility and reproductive treatment Dr. Kim taught in 2007 Conference. Thank  you Dr. Kim so much." 
[Kay Shin L.Ac, Ph.D., Professor, Over 30years Experience, Specialty in Obstetrics/Gynecology]                 

" Thank you Dr. Kim for your timely and excellent solution to my health. Thanks for your herbal formulas as well. My menopausal symptoms have been  gone. My sleep is great now. Thanks " 
[Tera Thompson MD]

" Thank you Dr. Kim. We love your  Acupuncture and MoxaTreatments which give us lots of energy. We are missing your Liver Detox Tea. We have seen lots of acupuncturists. Dr. Kim is the best."
[Jen and Arnie, Express Hot Yoga In the Woodlands] 

" I have a great knee condition because of You. Dr. Kim !!! "
[ Jennifer Smith, Retired Dentist]

 " No more sciatic pain & Neck pain. Dr.Kim helped us when we visited Texas."
[ Jung Soo Lee, John Choi, Orthoperic Doctors in S.Korea] 

" We were pregnant naturally. We have had beautiful babies. Thank you so much Dr. Kim !!! "  
 " Natural Pregnancy !!! "
" Please see Dr.Kim first before you go to the  IUI or IVF specialists. You can save money and get more healthy too. "
[ Debby Lopez, TJ Williams, Cindy Fox, Maria Hodges, Jamie  Johnson, Anna Flowers, Pamela Anderson, Sarah Lee, Laurie Moore, Nancy Montgomery, Gail Martin, Janett Barnes, Carol Morgan. Anna Kim, ........................... ] 
Dr. Kim's Acupuncture & Herbs : Natural Pregnant !!! 42yrs old !!!
 " Love Dr. Kim! Can't recommend highly enough. I was diagnosed with premature ovarian failure at age 32 and told I would not get pregnant--my only option was donor egg IVF. I was devastated but did some research on TCM and found Dr. Kim. After 7 months, I also doubted I would get pregnant but enjoyed the healthy benefits of acupuncture and living a healthier life. Imagine my shock when Dr. Kim himself told me I was pregnant during treatment one day. He was right and we are thrilled! It is a miracle from God but I strongly believe Dr. Kim helped facilitate. He is so knowledgeable and always a positive, calming spirit. "
[ Jolene Mcfarlane, Spring in Texas ]
 I have had migraine/tension headaches since I was a teen. I am in my 40's. Once a month, every month I would be debilitated and throw up for 3-5 days. They controlled my life. I have seen at least a dozen neurologists, hormone docs, and headache specialists across the country. I have seen a chiropractor, ate for my blood type, eliminated foods from my diet and just about anything else you can think of to make them go away. The docs settled on a muscle relaxer every night and during my episodes a very strong muscle relaxer and nausea meds. A few months ago, I asked my western medicine doc if he knew of an acupuncturist who I might try. I have been seeing Dr. Kim since. From the very first appointment, I knew Dr. Kim wanted to help me. Every appointment I could see his determination in giving me my life back. For me, it was not an instant fix. Dr. Kim asks questions and listens. With the help of Dr. Kim, I am listening to my body better and coming to him when I need help. It has been almost three months no headache. We are continuing to fine tune my treatment. As of today, I can exercise. Before, I was afraid to make my heart beat fast for fear of a headache. I am happy. I cannot remember ever being really truly happy. My anxiety gone. I feel calm and at peace. I make plans with friends and my husband without fear of a headache. I owe all these wonderful things to Dr. Kim!!!
[ Leslie Long, Conroe]

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